About Me

Welcome to my website! I'm Lena.

When I was a child, my mother was the one with the camera. It was always such a great experience to see my mom take photo's of us and then later she would share it with us. I remember the anxiety and the excitement that we all had when we knew that the film (in those days) were developed and that we would all gather around the dinner table that evening to look at the photo's. Its the fond memories of your childhood years that puts a sticky note on your heart and you never forget it.

Life goes on and we all grow up but its the frozen moments that was captured that we always refer back too. I like to refer to it as my personal time-travelling machine. It gives me the abillity to time-travel back to those years and for a brief moment, no matter how short it is, with a glimpse of that one photo - I can relive it again. Moments that you feel embarrassed about or moments that brings you peace and lets you smile while you think of that one time.

Memories are what we have left once the moment has passed. This is what inspired me to become a photographer. I only realised it one day when I looked at an old photo of me in my school years. It was this specific photo that took me so far back that I ended up having a nice discussion at our dinner table about the photo that evening. This is when I realised that a single photo gave me back so many memories and that I wanted to do the same for others.

I think one of the greatest feelings a photographer can have is when you purchase your camera. Its the official 'take off' as they say. When I got my camera it was a very peaceful but yet exciting day. I knew that this was the day that I was going to change the lives of many. I think when you reach this part of your life where you know that this is the road you want to take and embark on, you know that it will be a fulfilling reward when you can give someone else a frozen piece of time.

My photograph's emphasises my passion in what I love to do. I like to every emotion available to me on a shoot and I bring it out on the photo's. I love to have on every shoot I do.

My journey I have started and its far from over. We are surrounded by a world of beauty and I want to share this beauty with you. It does not matter whether I do a Wedding, a Model, Family or Wildlife - I believe that there's true emotions to show in every photo. A moment of time was frozen so that we, you and others can share it, remember it and talk about it